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BLOG: Benefits of using a mortgage broker

Posted April 5, 2024

Is your mortgage up for renewal soon? Our Mortgage Adviser, Sian Wilcox, talks about the benefits of coming to an independent mortgage broker like Watts, rather than going directly to your current provider.

1. Time-saving: Searching for the right mortgage deal can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the mortgage market. We do this every day and will save you time by doing the research and comparison for you, just presenting you with the best options available.

2. Money-saving: At Watts we don’t charge anything for you to sit down with one of our advisers to explain your situation and for us to provide you with an illustration of your potential mortgage option that best suits your needs.

3. Access to a wide range of options: As a broker we have access to a wide range of mortgage products from various lenders. This means we can help you find a mortgage deal that suits your specific needs and financial situation.

4. Expertise and advice: As mortgage brokers we are experts in our field and can provide valuable advice throughout the remortgaging process. We can help you understand the different types of mortgages available and explain complex terms and conditions. We will always take the time to understand your individual circumstances and recommend the most suitable options for you.

5. Negotiation: As experienced brokers we have strong relationships with lenders and can negotiate on your behalf to secure better terms and rates, this means we can often secure better rates than you can get directly with lenders.

6. Handling paperwork: The mortgage application process involves a lot of paperwork and can be complex. We will help you navigate this process, ensuring that all necessary documents are completed accurately and submitted on time.

7. Continued support: Even after your mortgage application is approved, we will continue to provide support and guidance. We can answer any questions you have throughout the term of your mortgage and assist you with any future remortgaging needs.

Overall, using a broker like Watts to remortgage can provide you with expert advice, access to a wide range of options, and valuable support throughout the process. This can save you time, money, and stress.

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