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Life insurance for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease can be found, but the premiums will vary from one insurer to another, depending upon the severity of the symptoms and other factors. At Watts we have a high level understanding of Parkinson’s, its treatment and impact upon daily life, and how different insurers will underwrite life insurance. Having this level of understanding enables us to find cover where you may previously have been declined, and find the best rates available on the market.

What we need to know

Information that is useful to have to hand when looking at life insurance includes:

• When were you diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
• What medications you take
• What is the impact upon your mobility?
• Are you still able to work?
• Have you had any surgery such as deep brain stimulation?


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Richard’s story*

Richard was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at just 43. Now 56 he still has no need for mobility aids although he is no longer able to work full time. He takes a combination of medications every day including apomorphine via a pump and preventative mediation for historic angina. He had no luck applying for cover online and initially we also got multiple providers from the mainstream life market declining his application. We didn’t take no for an answer and after a lot of research we were able to advise Richard which medical evidence to gather so that we could find terms with a specialist impaired life insurer, JUST. A result we were both thrilled with.

*Names changed for privacy

I just wanted to say a big thank you, for all Emma Lowe and Sian Brown’s help with getting our mortgage through to completion.

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