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Individuals with high blood pressure typically don’t have much trouble obtaining life insurance and critical illness cover, but it can be particularly helpful to get advice on finding the right cover if you have a medical condition. At Watts, our team of experienced advisers have helped customers with high blood pressure obtain life cover at affordable prices, making sure they have the right protection in place.

In some cases, providers can vary in cost which means it can be confusing at first to find the cover you need without breaking the bank. We are not tied to one insurer, but instead we search the whole market to find the provider best suited to your needs. By understanding your circumstances, including current blood pressure levels and any medication you are taking, we have the best chance of finding appropriate cover to protect you and your family’s future.

Finding life insurance for high blood pressure

In some cases, high blood pressure can be seen as a pre-existing health condition and as such it can be more difficult to get cover. With the help of trusted advisers, you can still get the right level of cover. The more information you can provide when applying for life insurance with high blood pressure, the more it will help insurance providers to understand your circumstances.

Having regular health check-ups and getting up-to-date blood pressure readings can be beneficial when applying for life insurance, as well as letting our team of specialist advisers help you through the process. We are independent advisers and as such we can offer you impartial advice to help you understand the best course of action.

What we need to know

Information that is useful to have to hand when looking at life insurance includes:


  • When was your blood pressure first elevated?
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Is the blood pressure now within a normal range?
  • How often is it checked?
  • Do you have other complicating factors such as an elevated BMI or high cholesterol?


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James’ story*

James, age 54, discovered he had high blood pressure two years ago. His cholesterol was initially high at 6.3 however his most recent reading is only 4.7 since he started taking statins. James’ last blood pressure reading was 128/90 and is now back down to only annual checks.

James’ had taken out life cover online 12 months ago and the insurer had increased his premium by 75%. We were able to reapply for cover and get standard rates for this client, which saved him £40/month.

*Names changed for privacy

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