Shareholder Protection Insurance Cover

We care - how we can support you

At Watts Mortgage & Wealth Management we want to ensure that we support you in whatever way we can. We understand that you might need our services because you’re in a difficult financial situation or because of an unexpected life event, such as bereavement. We know it can be challenging to approach anyone new at this time and so we have put things in place to make your experience as easy as possible.


You may also have a long-term illness, additional needs or a disability which means that you need us to do things differently. We’ve already put some measures in place which may help but we want you to know we’re flexible and can adapt the way we work for you.


If you’re not confident using the latest technology or don’t have English as your first language then we can spend time with you and adapt our procedures to ensure you understand what’s happening at each stage.

How can we help?

Firstly, your Adviser will record your circumstances or situation so you will only need to tell us once. You can discuss with your Adviser the impact your current situation or needs are having and whether we can help by doing anything differently.

For example:

  • spreading your discussions over several shorter meetings instead of one long meeting
  • changing the timing or location of meetings
  • providing you with more time to make decisions or think over your options
  • inviting a relevant friend or family member to accompany you at meetings
  • changing the font or size on our compliance documents
  • sending you printed information rather than using our online portal
Elderly man talking to an advisor with clipboard in office

There’s space on our Contact form for you to let us know how we can support you or talk to your Adviser.