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BLOG: Your Guide to Getting Life Insurance for a Pilot

Posted June 28, 2021

Life insurance is typically based on lifestyle and health factors, but insurers may take a number of other things in account when you apply for a policy. In particular, your occupation can play a part in how easy it is for you to get life cover. If you work in a particularly hazardous or risky industry, this could impact your insurance premiums.

Life insurance for pilots can be harder to come by if your pilot role comes with risks. At Watts, we can help you obtain the right cover even in specialist circumstances.

Can you get life insurance for pilots?

Every insurance provider will view occupations in aviation differently, but your ability to get a life insurance policy will usually depend on what type of flying you do. Commercial pilots generally will not have a problem when applying for life insurance, as it’s not considered as big of a risk as it used to be. Life insurance for commercial pilots should be straightforward, unless there is something in your medical history or lifestyle that puts you at a higher risk.

If you fly outside of a commercial role, underwriting of a life insurance policy can become more complex. For example, if you are a private pilot or fly for recreational reasons. Most insurance providers will assess your individual circumstances depending on your type of license and flight activities.

What factors will affect your premiums?

As with all life cover, your health and lifestyle will have an impact on your life insurance and its cost. This can include your weight, any history of medical conditions and your smoking status. Insurance providers will usually ask what you do for a living too, and they may need additional information.

Getting life insurance for a pilot can come with questions about your license, how many years you’ve flown for, how many hours do you fly on average and so on. You could be asked whether you regularly fly long-haul distances. If you are a private or recreational pilot, you could be asked more about your flight activities.

Life insurance for pilots can differ depending on the type of flying you do. A stunt pilot will typically see higher premiums than someone who flies occasionally for a private client.

Let the experts help

At Watts, our team of qualified specialists are well-equipped to deal with specialist and unique circumstances. We will take the time to understand your requirements for life insurance, taking into account your aviation history to make the best recommendations on providers and policies.

What’s more, we’ll connect you to a dedicated adviser so that you receive a personal service when it comes to arranging your life cover. To find out more about getting life insurance for a pilot, get in touch today.