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BLOG: Do You Need Private Health Insurance?

Posted August 19, 2021

If you haven’t heard much about private health insurance before, you might be wondering if there’s any benefit to taking out a policy. The benefits of private health insurance can be varied and is often dependent on your personal circumstances, so it’s worth doing some research on this kind of insurance policy before making a decision. Here we take a look at what private health insurance means and whether you should take out cover.

What is private health insurance?

Private health insurance is a type of insurance policy that will cover the cost of private healthcare, from diagnosis to treatment. There are different levels of cover, which will cover either all or some of the cost.

It usually works by paying a monthly or annual subscription, which you can then make a claim through for any eligible private healthcare services. There are different policies available that can cover an individual, a couple or even a family if you’d also like to include your children.

If you have private health insurance, it usually means if you need any treatment, it will take place in a private hospital or on a private ward in an NHS hospital.

The benefits of private health insurance

Accessing healthcare on the NHS is a wonderful service that we are lucky to have in the UK, but sometimes the wait times can be very long. When you have a medical condition or require treatment, there’s no doubt you’ll want to be seen quickly. This is the primary benefit of private health insurance, as it will cut out the waiting times often seen within the NHS.

Most policies will include cover for in-patient and day-patient treatment, but you can also opt for more comprehensive cover. This may cover out-patient treatments, such as scans, tests and x-rays.

Private health insurance is often a popular route for those looking for direct access to specialist services. Areas such as physiotherapy and mental health can be much easier and quicker to access through private healthcare.

Do you need a private health insurance policy?

Taking out private health insurance is very much dependent on your own personal circumstances. You already have access to free treatment on the NHS, so opting for a private health insurance policy is very much a personal preference.

It can be beneficial if you think you will use the cover a lot, or if you think you’ll need to see a particular specialist or require expensive treatment. It’s also very important to check your policy for any exclusions before you commit, as this can ensure you’re fully aware of your cover and if you think you will get enough value from it.

Our friendly and qualified team are on hand to help answer any questions you might have about finding the right private health insurance for your needs. Get in touch to find out more.